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A Majestic Coast

with nature


Bottlenose Dolphin
A schools of dolphins
Shannon Estuary Dolphin
The round tower on Scattery Island
Yellow Flag Iris in bloom on Scattery Island
Teampeall na Marbh on Scattery Island
Lagoon Sealife
Scattery Island Sea vegetables
Flowers & Butterfly


on local foods
West Clare Smoked Salmon & Prawns
Island Picnic Basket with Champagne
Seafood lunch
Tullamore Dew Irish Coffees
Artisan Food Platter
Champagne at Sunset
Light lunch Platter
Picnic Basket
Fine wines


the coast
Kilrush Heritage Town, Co. Clare
The Kerry Coastline
The Iconic Scattery Island, Co. Clare
Leck Cliffs, Kerry Coastline
Cappagh Pier, Cappagh, Kilrush, Co
Kilcredaun Lighthouse, Co. Clare
Hog Island, Shannon Estuary, Co. Clare
Bromore Cliffs, Co. Kerry
Carraigaholt Castle, Co. Clare